This has been a crazy month. I’ve been traveling every weekend.

Made a whirlwind trip to Europe, flew into and out of Munich for a trip to Vienna with a dealer. Left warm sunshine for clammy rainy Europe. Well, I guess summer is over. But it is always good to visit the mothership and every trip to the factory shows me something new (if nothing else, I learn my way around a little better).

For one thing, I saw with my own eyes that the beech cap on the inner rim does not extend to the bass side, except for the model 280. That was the source of personal embarrassment on PianoWorld recently. The factory has really been working on making the 280 a more familiar sounding piano, while still remaining a Bosendorfer. So,the inner rim has much more beech, not just the perimeter cap. It also has that rail around the inside top of the outer rim (got that?). There is another dramatic change in the construction of the 280 that will be seen in this country in the next couple of months (the next time we bring in a new 280). No, my lips are sealed…it is very visible if you know where to look…lets see if anyone notices….