No, the factory is NOT moving

There was some recent news that seems to be universally misunderstood. The Bosendorfer factory in Wiener Neustadt is NOT moving. However, our administrative offices, currently on Graf Starhemberggasse in Vienna ARE moving to the factory in Wiener Neustadt.

The Graf Starhemberggasse facility used to the be the factory but now is mostly empty. The consolidation […]

Concert pianos don’t have to be black

Heresy I know but I wouldn’t have even thought about it unless I saw it.

A very good FOB (friend of Bosendorfer) donated a model 225 to an important music department in the Midwest. However he specified that instead of black it be polished pyramid mahogany. As you can see this finish is beautiful and […]

When is it not a Bosendorfer?

Saw a model 200, about 30+ years old, rebuilt by a reputable shop. The original Schwander action had new Renner whippens. The hammers were Renner blues, the bass strings probably Mapes.  While overall the work was of reputable quality, it was a long way from Bosendorfer and had this strange burnt orange, thick […]

Garrick Ohlsson on YouTube

Garrick is a good friend of Bosendorfer and graciously agreed, at an event at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, to give a sampling from his upcoming all Scriabin recital.

This was music making of the highest order, in the most wonderful, casual, engaging setting you can imagine.

What is the Yamaha S Series?

In a nutshell, the S series are Yamaha’s concert level, hand made pianos. Made in a separate factory, these 3 models, the S4 (191 cn, 6’3″)  , S6 (212m, 6’11”) and CFIIIS  (275cm, 9′) (pronounced C F three S)  are made using techniques that would be familiar in any high end piano factory. Lots […]

NAMM 2009

Namm has come and gone. We did something completely different this year by not showing at NAMM in our customary large booth with nice lighting, Viennese coffee and champagne.

Instead we hosted our dealers at the very nice Le Merigot in Santa Monica with the intention of giving them a relaxing break and a chance […]

Nice piano!

I’m in Charleston SC right now (really great city!) and just heard Valentina Lisitsa play the Tchaikovsky 1 with the Warsaw Philharmonic. Valentina is a big Bosendorfer fan, and the feeling is mutual. But our bank of concert pianos can’t completely keep up with the vast range of her performances, and we don’t have […]

OK, OK, so I don’t have the basic part of blogging down!

June…November…not so bad, right? Of course, a lot has happened during this period, but some things can’t really be talked about…strategy, plans, that sort of thing.

Here are a couple of items:

North American Dealers meeting in Las Vegas in August – big success

International Dealers Meeting in Vienna in September – big success

Bottom dropping out of […]

Visit to Vienna

Spent a quick 4 days in Vienna in May. Of course, the week before I was there and the day I left were beautiful but while I was there, it was AGAIN WITH THE CRUDDY EUROPEAN WEATHER!!

I took my new very fancy HD video camera and spent the Sunday of arrival finding Ludwig Bosendorfers […]

Maybe I’ll say one more thing…

I worked for for Bosendorfer during the Kimball years.  That, in my opinion, was a much less logical combination than Bosendorfer and Yamaha and there were plenty of jokes (Kimball-dorfers, Bosen-balls). But, in fact, Kimball was a wonderful steward for Bosendorfer, probably a better steward of Bosendorfer than of their own brand. I believe […]