Pianos for sale – always changing

Two of the pianos for sale in my shop/showroom collection have gone on to happy homes recently. The Steinway M found a great home with a very well known TV personality and the Feurich 122 now lives with a wonderful jazz pianist in Queens.

But I don’t like having open spaces on the […]

Feurich 190 update

This Feurich 190 has been cared for but not played very much lately so the action was a little sluggish. Most of that sluggishness came from the hammer flanges. However a little care and attention quickly eased them up and brought the touch weight down to where it was originally designed to be..about 52 […]

Feurich 172 (German) update

Had a visit by an accomplished amateur pianist who is on the science faculty at a very prominent area college. He remarked on the responsiveness of the action before knowing it had WNG action components.

At about 5’7″ this Feurich 172 is a really great piano for someone with limited space.