Project Description

The Feurich model 172 is a beautiful example of a German made small grand. It has the characteristic singing Feurich tone with a distinct Leipzig character, similar to Bluthner. A unique tone with a range of color.

This particular piano was one of the last ones out of the Gunzenhausen Germany workshop, before they moved to Augsburg. It arrived here in early 2013 with factory installed WNG composite action parts on a Renner keyframe and Kluge keyboard. The custom Abel hammers with traditional Feurich yellow underfelt completes the package.

I was initially cautions about the WNG parts, as were many technicians. However I’m now completely won over by the precision manufacturing, rigidity and responsiveness. Anybody who plays it, before knowing any details, comments on it’s responsiveness and evenness. Many of the other major European makers, including Steingraeber and Bosendorfer offer WNG as an option.

This is a wonderful piano for someone who wants a true Made In Germany piano in a smaller size and at a great price.