The first thing to do when considering selling your used piano is to get an honest appraisal of its value. Forget that grandma used to play christmas carols on it. Would you have the same emotional attachment to your grandmothers refrigerator? Of course not and pianos are no different. They age, wear out and are replaced with better models made better.

Here is my first piece of critical and free advice: If it is a spinet, or some huge old no-name monster, bite the bullet and have it taken to the dump.

If the piano you are selling is a vertical or grand made by Yamaha or Kawai or another quality maker, then you have options. If you’re not sure whether or not your piano is a quality instrument, call me. I’ll be happy to give you a free opinion of the desirability of your brand and model over the phone. This will not replace a visit by a technician to give it a good examination, but it will at least give you an idea of where you stand.

Selling Your Used Piano On Craig’s List

One option is of course Craig’s List which has supplanted the newspaper classified ads. Craigs List can be very effective but you do have to deal with cranks and scams and people coming to your house to look at it.

Here is another piece of valuable, and free, advice. When getting ready for selling your used piano, have your piano inspected and serviced. Make sure there are few negotiating points the potential buyer can bring up. Take care of sticking keys and squeaking pedals and have it tuned. Chances are the buyer will purchase the used piano that sounds best.

I provide a service where I list your piano and act as the first screen for callers. If I feel someone has a genuine interest, I pass that contact on to you. I charge a flat fee up front and do not participate in the financial negotiations.

Selling Your Used Piano by Consigning It

Selling your used piano through consignment with a dealer is another option, but that comes with some restrictions. One of the problems is that dealers usually make more money on new pianos they have in stock than on your used consigned instrument. They will be very interested in having it on the floor but actually have more incentive to sell a new instrument to anybody who comes in to see it rather than to sell yours. The common complaint is that used pianos on consignment sit on the dealers floor forever.

Selling Your Used Piano Through Me

I have a speciality in helping people sell high end, primarily European pianos, including Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Steingraeber, Grotrian, Sauter, Bechstein and Steinway as well as others. I do business differently and consignments are an important part of my business. The catch is that I am very picky about the pianos I take in. If you are looking to sell your high quality used piano, call me and lets talk.