First Hour: $150
        Each additional hour: $100
        My charges vary depending on the amount of work required. I am happy to discuss your pianos particular needs and can set limits to charges before I come to your home. If your piano hasn’t been serviced in a while, I recommend a 2 hour service call which results in the following: your piano will be tuned to proper pitch, and repeatedly tuned as needed during that visit to make it stable. Often this requires me to go over the tuning 2 to 3 times.  If time allows, it will also get a thorough inspection and evaluation and any issues that can be fixed in that time will be attended to (sticking keys, squeaking pedal, etc). If you only do this once a year service, I won’t have much time to attend to issues other than tuning. I can of course attend to additional issues with additional time, which I will discuss with you after I get there and before I do the work.


          It does not need to be a fancy european grand piano to deserve this kind of attention. Your Yamaha or Kawai vertical needs detailed attention just like other fine pianos. There are a variety of pianos coming out of Korea and China that, with some proper attention, can be very fine sounding instruments. Call me and lets talk about your piano.


            My day long regulation/voicing package is $850 and will make a NOTICEABLE difference in the way your piano plays and feels.


            I can help you with any of your piano problems. If I don’t do the work, I have a network of specialist craftsmen and craftswomen to whom I can refer you. This includes rebuliding, restringing, new keytops, Precision Touch Design and much more. Call me and we can discuss.
          Any applicable sales taxes will be added.