Travels – Berlin

SPOILER Alert: There is nothing related to pianos in this post.

I was back in Berlin recently. This being my 3rd trip, I’m beginning to feel like I know my way around a little. However this time it was freezing and dangerous since clearly nobody shovels snow in Berlin and every single walking surface was […]

PianoGuy goes to Germany.

Just got back from a quick tour of 3 German manufacturers; Bluthner, Steingraeber and Schimmel. I’ve been wanting to visit these makers (and others) and took advantage of my son’s school break and a (relatively) cheap fare from Delta to fly from JFK to Berlin, rent a car, and spend 4 days driving through […]

They do things differently in Europe

I visited Berlin this spring, on my way to Vienna. While there I visited a small technician based Bosendorfer dealer in the former Eastern section. These guys have had the high level tech training typical of Europe trade crafts, studying and working at Bechstein.

They approach some things differently, for example they have a bass […]