OK, OK, so I don’t have the basic part of blogging down!

June…November…not so bad, right? Of course, a lot has happened during this period, but some things can’t really be talked about…strategy, plans, that sort of thing.

Here are a couple of items:

North American Dealers meeting in Las Vegas in August – big success

International Dealers Meeting in Vienna in September – big success

Bottom dropping out of […]

Why no comments?

I previously disabled the comments feature on this site because it is a magnet for spam.

However I just updated to the latest version of WordPress and will turn comments on. Maybe the upgrade fixed the spam problem. Just click on the button that probably says “No comments”.

If you’re a blogger, try wordpress. The upgrade went just […]

Has it really been that long??

Hmm, blogging would be great if it wasn’t for that need to write consistently! I’m not by nature a natural writer and maybe this business doesn’t have enough intrigue to write daily, but come on…3 months!!

Well, the good side is, I’ve got a lot to write about now!

The nature of blogs…

I have already been criticized, of course not directly, by somebody who took offense at some of my language in a now-deleted post.  This is despite this blog being somewhat buried on a private web site.
 If you might be offended by something somebody writes when expressing their personal opinions, then simply don’t read the […]

Why so many posts on one day?

I’m at one of our valued dealers for a promotion. There is a lot going on and part of my time is spent laying low until I’m needed, so I’m catching up. While the national economic news is rather screwy, you wouldn’t know it by the sales traffic here. It is a good reminder […]