Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to a friend recently.

While with Yamaha in the 90’s I purchased a Yamaha concert grand…a CFIII 51GX to be precise. GX designates an experimental model and 51 designates the series. The 51 was a design experiment that incorporated a number of design features of a popular concert grand made by a […]

2010 NAMM part 3 Yamaha CFX

Yamaha has had a high end “craft built” line for a number of years and has been a very serious builder of concert pianos for decades. The concert grand, the CFIII (CF3) has undergone a number of iterations and experiments, resulting in the model CFIIIS that has been the flagship for the last 8 […]

Newport Music Festival – Greatest Music Festival in the world

I’m a huge fan of the festival, having first gone in 1980. It’s the classical music festival, held inside the mansions in Newport RI. It is a treasure of the music world due to it’s wonderful, unique programming and the supremely high level of the playing and players. Of course, it’s mostly due to Dr. Dr. Dr. Mark Malkovich, who has run it for something like 30 years.


This year it takes place from July 10-26 and if you can possibly go, you should.

Here is a list of the pianists performing this year:


What is the Yamaha S Series?

In a nutshell, the S series are Yamaha’s concert level, hand made pianos. Made in a separate factory, these 3 models, the S4 (191 cn, 6’3″)  , S6 (212m, 6’11”) and CFIIIS  (275cm, 9′) (pronounced C F three S)  are made using techniques that would be familiar in any high end piano factory. Lots […]

Now I know how people got sucked in by Madoff

I should have known better, but I got screwed by a piano rebuilder in Yonkers. He came recommended by a friend who should know.

Originally I just needed my piano restrung, a pretty straight ahead job if you’re a restringer so made sense to have it done. Long story short, the piano ended up in […]

Nice piano!

I’m in Charleston SC right now (really great city!) and just heard Valentina Lisitsa play the Tchaikovsky 1 with the Warsaw Philharmonic. Valentina is a big Bosendorfer fan, and the feeling is mutual. But our bank of concert pianos can’t completely keep up with the vast range of her performances, and we don’t have […]

hammer replacement

I’ve developed good concert prep kind of skills; regulation, voicing, finding and fixing noise, working under time pressure etc. What I am NOT is a rebuilder. I’ve voiced new hammers from scratch alot, but I really haven’t had much experience installing new hammers. However, considering how many people do it, how hard can it […]

Fixing my piano

Being a piano guy, I have a rather unusual one. A Yamaha CFIIIS 51GX, picked up under special circumstances (completely above board) during the early part of my time at Yamaha.

The GX series are experimental and the short lived 51 share a number of very specific technical traits of another company & Sons. It […]