Seth Godin is god!

I never met the man, but I’d bet he would think this title is stupid. It may be, but he is not. If you want one great read, subscribe to his blog. Clear, short and always valuable.

One post titled “Everyone is Clueless”   got me thinking about its relevance to high end piano dealers and […]

Epiphany or Conversion?

So, let’s pretend there is this prospect, a guy who  has been pestering dealers up and down the east coast for a couple of weeks. He doesn’t play, is relocating and well to do, looking to buy a piano for his family and wants to buy something good. He started looking for a used Steinway because he knew that was what he should get, right?

Well, let’s pretend that a skilled dealer delivered his “epiphany”, namely that there are wonderful high end pianos in other parts of the world.   Now lets say the problem is that he has (remember, we’re pretending) a very incorrect notion of what these instruments cost and is beating up every dealer trying to buy one of these instruments ( a very specific model) below cost. Seems he’s a big shot financier and, well, you probably know the type.

I’m very very happy that he had his epiphany. But here is the rub.

An epiphany without conversion is, well, pointless.


What happens in Vegas…

We had our 2nd annual (so far) dealer meeting in Las Vegas the end of September at the Luxor. Overall, very fun and productive time. We went to the show La Rev which was simply unbelievable, as well as the buffet at Wynn, which was also unbelievable (sorry for the narrow range of adjectives).

While […]