Feurich 172 (German) update

Had a visit by an accomplished amateur pianist who is on the science faculty at a very prominent area college. He remarked on the responsiveness of the action before knowing it had WNG action components.

At about 5’7″ this Feurich 172 is a really great piano for someone with limited space.

Feurich 218 M

I took a slightly different path with the 218 and got help. I asked Boaz Kirschenbaum of Cherry Tree Pianos to recommend a configuration and perform the necessary surgery. Boaz is also a fan of Ray Negron’s Ronsen Piano Hammer Company products and together we decided on a set only this time made with Bacon felt. This felt, made by America’s oldest felt manufacturer, is much softer than most anything else used today and requires that the tone be “built up” through the careful application of lacquer. That is not a bad thing as it leads to a very specific piano tone. Boaz also wanted to include a Stanwood Precision Touch Design upgrade that was going to give us complete control of the up and down weight. All in all, it seemed like it was going to be a great piano. There was a catch though…


An Interesting Collection of Pianos

The new shop has been coming along nicely, becoming more organized, more functional and more representative of me. I’ve been very focused on an August Forster 215 that I’ve been reconditioning, if you call a new pinblock and bridge repair reconditioning. Some of the earlier heavy lifting really bogged me down, but after stringing […]

Frankfurt Messe 2013

What’s In A Name?

There has been a lot of change at Feurich lately which has led to some confusion. I will attempt to describe the current lay of the land, AS I UNDERSTAND IT. I have been very close to the main players over the past 2 1/2 years and I believe that I have a pretty clear understanding of what has been happening. But, these are MY OPINIONS. Others, of course, have the right to suggest corrections or different points of view.


Prep Line – Feurich USA

I’ve been in Tampa prepping the remaining Feurich model 122 verticals that came in last month. Pianos need preparation, folks, to sound their best and these are sounding pretty good (he adds, humbly).


Big Changes

This high end piano guy has had a lot change in his life lately. First, my retail experience in NYC has run its course. Time to move on.

Speaking of moving on, I’m the new North American distributor for Feurich Pianos. You can learn more by visiting www.feurichusa.com. If you are really interested in the […]

Factory visit: Feurich pianos

Feurich is located in the charming lake town of Gunzenhausen. We in the states think things are old if George Washington visited. However both Martin Luther and Goethe visited Gunzenhausen. In fact, my hotel (same name, same site, different building) was established in 1364!!

The few Feurich pianos I have seen have always impressed me. They have a strikingly unique sound, but well within the norms of German makers. The recent history of Feurich has confused even some in the German piano industry, leading to me hearing all sorts of stories about their current production. However I was met by a very cordial Julius Feurich (IV, I think) and his son Julius (V, if I’m correct about the previous). Founded in Leipzig, the Feurich family included a number of piano builders, even competing among themselves for a while.