Not all work is work

There was fun as well as work in Chicago. Getting together with a bunch of piano technicians from all over the country is stimulating as well as entertaining. And in Chicago, one can be entertained!









East coast as well as west coast is represented here, even some neighbors to the north. Now what was the […]

RPT Repeat

I finally did it. I passed the final technical tests to regain my RPT (Registered Piano Technician) status with the Piano Technicians Guild. If you haven’t been following my progress (what?? you haven’t??) go to this post for a refresher.

The whole process was indeed an ordeal. While the bench tests were pretty much the […]

PTG National Convention

I enjoyed a couple of days in Kansas City this summer at the PTG National. These annual events are a piano nerds dream, with classes, presentations and exhibits about all aspects of pianos with a focus on technology (build, repair, regulate).  This was the first national convention in many years where I attended as a private individual rather than a manufacturers representative. I went to maintain industry contacts, but I was also looking forward  to taking classes. I attended a variety, including  presentations by Kawai, Yamaha and  Abel hammers, as well as classes on tuning and regulation. […]

Old dogs

Some of you may have been following my very slow progress toward regaining my RPT status. For those who don’t know, the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) provides structure to the industry of piano maintenance, producing annual national conventions and numerous regional ones that focus on education, training and professional behavior. In an effort to […]

PTG 2009

PTG of course is the Piano Technicians Guild and this years convention was held in Grand Rapids Michigan. Grand Rapids is a pain to get to but is a lovely little city with a fantastic convention facility.

For the past number of years Ferdinand Braeu, our Technical Director has given a class on Maintaining the […]

more stuff…travel, promos, dull business

I’m still a little conflicted about this blog…on one hand the power of a blog is when the writer is completely honest about a topic people care about. The problem is that being completely honest may not be in my best business interest. No, no scandals about Bosendorfer using laminated soundboards. But other observations, […]

Christmas in July?

You could also say this is in the “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” category. I got tool obsessed while at the PTG convention in Kansas City and ordered a bunch of stuff from both Schaff and PianoTek. I’ve known the Johnson brothers at Schaff for decades and prefer them, but they don’t […]