Steingraeber – Action and Reaction

Steingraeber is one of the world’s great pianos and I do not expect anybody with credibility to disagree with me. Like the other pianos at this level it has its own sound and style which may or may not appeal to you, but it is a great piano in any technical regard and has won enthusiastic followers the world over.

I really love the Steingraeber piano. I’ve played and worked on many and have found them to be amazing pianos in quality of  construction and tone and touch. I love the white key bushing felt instead of the customary red. I personally am reluctant to shape hammers with the extreme diamond point that frequently comes out of the factory, but I will happily maintain such a shape if Steingraeber says I should. Udo Steingraeber is one of the great men of the industry and Alex Karsten, his Klavierbaumeister, is skilled, friendly and down to earth.

Humidity Must Be Under Your Control

Do you have a nice piano? Then you must have these: a good room humidifier with a large tank (at least one) and at least 2 hygrometers.  Two hygrometers are needed because they will not read the same and you need to act on the average. Place them in different parts of the room to make sure the room has even humidity levels. […]

Traditional and Modern Soundboards

The soundboard is one of the most important parts of a piano.  Soundboards have traditionally been made of thin planks of solid spruce, about 1/2 inch thick and the width of your hand, glued together on the edges to form a very large surface. While this traditional approach has been used throughout the history of the industry, there are some very well known problems with this approach.


Travels – Florida

Fall means catching up on some travel and I headed south to the Orlando area and Naples. I flew into and out of Orlando, driving down to Naples and back. This is a bit of a drive but I had a pretty nice car due to an upgrade from Hertz.

I visited my dealer who […]