Factory Technical Manuals

Quality manufacturer technical manuals are rare. For one reason, they are difficult and time consuming to create. For another reason, certain techniques are common to all pianos and many manufacturers just simply assume technicians know all the steps. However that can be a dangerous assumption.

Here are a couple technical manuals from Steinway and […]

Interesting reading

Greg Billings, a Steinway dealer in Florida tells you  a lot about Steinway’s marketing strategy.

Steinway takes additional Samick Investment

Steinway Raises $27 Million

On March 30, Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. announced that, pursuant to the previously announced subscription agreement, Samick Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. has exercised its option to purchase an additional 1.7 million shares of ordinary common stock at an exercise price of $16 per share. Steinway intends to use the proceeds to […]

Recital musings

Went to Caramoor to hear my friend Gabriela Montero. Originally scheduled for the Spanish Courtyard, it was moved to the Venetian theater because of rain probability. She played wonderfully but it was not a good setting for a recital and the piano made me think of everything I hate about the Steinway sound. Loud, clangy […]