Vienna Cultural Timeline

I came across this chart recently, while going through some old files. I created it to show the relationship between Bosendorfer and the various luminaries that passed through Vienna.

The Frederick Collection and the world’s great piano builders

Click here for a great Slate article, make sure you read to the end.

Gabriela Montero in Vienna

The word from Vienna is that my pal Gabriela Montero (yes, she played at the inauguration) just had a big success in Vienna, playing Brahms 1 on a Bosendorfer 290 with the Vienna Philharmonic.

Gabby is the real deal and if you don’t know of her, you should.  Sublime musical intelligence, warm personality, beautiful, huge […]

No, the factory is NOT moving

There was some recent news that seems to be universally misunderstood. The Bosendorfer factory in Wiener Neustadt is NOT moving. However, our administrative offices, currently on Graf Starhemberggasse in Vienna ARE moving to the factory in Wiener Neustadt.

The Graf Starhemberggasse facility used to the be the factory but now is mostly empty. The consolidation […]

OK, OK, so I don’t have the basic part of blogging down!

June…November…not so bad, right? Of course, a lot has happened during this period, but some things can’t really be talked about…strategy, plans, that sort of thing.

Here are a couple of items:

North American Dealers meeting in Las Vegas in August – big success

International Dealers Meeting in Vienna in September – big success

Bottom dropping out of […]

Visit to Vienna

Spent a quick 4 days in Vienna in May. Of course, the week before I was there and the day I left were beautiful but while I was there, it was AGAIN WITH THE CRUDDY EUROPEAN WEATHER!!

I took my new very fancy HD video camera and spent the Sunday of arrival finding Ludwig Bosendorfers […]

Europe trip, continued

This trip included detailed discussion about a very particular rosewood finish, stimulating technical discussion at the factory (!) all set in gloomy early European winter weather, gray skies and rain, sometimes a lot.

The problem with traveling to interesting places on business is that you rarely get the time to really experience a city. I’ve […]

Busy month…Vienna in September

This has been a crazy month. I’ve been traveling every weekend.

Made a whirlwind trip to Europe, flew into and out of Munich for a trip to Vienna with a dealer. Left warm sunshine for clammy rainy Europe. Well, I guess summer is over. But it is always good to visit the mothership and every […]