HEP Guy on Youtube

I’ve been working on building up a collection of piano tech related items on my Youtube channel. Hopefully the quality will follow a path of continuous improvement.

Garrick Ohlsson on YouTube

Garrick is a good friend of Bosendorfer and graciously agreed, at an event at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, to give a sampling from his upcoming all Scriabin recital.

This was music making of the highest order, in the most wonderful, casual, engaging setting you can imagine.

OK, OK, so I don’t have the basic part of blogging down!

June…November…not so bad, right? Of course, a lot has happened during this period, but some things can’t really be talked about…strategy, plans, that sort of thing.

Here are a couple of items:

North American Dealers meeting in Las Vegas in August – big success

International Dealers Meeting in Vienna in September – big success

Bottom dropping out of […]