Last fall I learned about a world I knew existed, but one that, well, frightened me. It had its own language, its own sound and worse…its own tools! Yes, I’m speaking about the world of harpsichords and fortepianos!

I spent 2 weeks at the J.C. Neupert Company in Bamberg Germany alternately freezing and being humbled by how little my piano technical skill seemed to carry over into this new world. Neupert, founded in 1868 as a piano maker, is the last remaining historical keyboard instrument company. That doesn’t mean there aren’t individuals in different parts of the world making these instruments. It’s just that Neupert is the last company that offers a full range of instruments from modern harpsichords to a complete range of historical reproductions of the various design “flavors”.

It’s a new world to me, but one that feels right. Dedicated, skilled people who feel the world needs these instruments. I’m going to do what I can to help connect them with the right people.